If cats could text they wouldn’t

 If cats could Text, they wouldn’t

Cats may be working a secret plan with aliens to get     humans to take care of them.

 Cats are all different, like multiple varieties of Meow Mix. In Missouri we have some called the farm cat. A Missouri farm cat makes sure it comes around every so often, so the human knows to put out the food. That cat doesn’t require a pedigree but has something better: nine lives.

Through a donation of a kitten from Jack’s daughter, Shopkitty was added to the EVTV crew.

Shopkitty was a lucky cat. Shopkitty was young, and just looking for trouble. She’d jump in a box. Unroll the toilet paper. Chase the dot. EVTV had litter boxes. Jack agreed to have Shot Kitty spayed, so there was no way she would end up pregnant. Can one imagine kittens in a building full of high voltage?

The EVTV team grew fond of Shopkitty. Each of us would take cat time alone to scratch and comb her hair, to improve her look.

The cat seemed to know when the camera was rolling. Jack’s voice drew her in. The camera has its effect even on a feline. When the camera set up came out, Shopkitty was ready to play.

 Shopkitty sauntered through the middle of a scene during one of Jack’s long dissertations. It focused on him. It rubbed his legs, walked off, came back rubbed again. Making sure that Jack(on camera) knew she was there.

Then she stood on Jack’s yellow crocs, reared up and clawed his leg.

That got Jack’s attention. He never stopped talking to the audience. He flipped the kitty about three feet in the air; she mooned the camera and off she ran. The scene was recorded. Go back through EVTV’s YouTube videos, catch a glimpse. No harm was done, it was a gentle       humane launch of a pestering cat.

We got more comments on Shopkitty than anything in the video. That cat was alright

How did this cat survive? It stayed away from the street. It kept an eye out for electric vehicles pulling in, and it    appeared on camera.

Shopkitty never had a bed. It preferred sleeping anyplace comfortable. I would find her curled up on top of batteries or other high-voltage devices. She liked to feel the        vibration with a bit of heat. 

One day, Shopkitty jumped up on a test bench.

The curious cat sniffs around and starts licking the heavy cables, hot wires sitting on top of a live 48v battery, with high-voltage present stickers. I fully expected a scene something like Christmas Vacation when the cat gets    under the Christmas tree, chews on the lighting wire, ends up electrocuted under the chair. Clark and Cousin Eddie dump the chair outside.

Clark asks, “Do you smell anything?”

 Eddie answers, “Smells like fried pussycat.”

 She never got electrocuted. Was she close?

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