Tesla Humor from; Verities of an Electric Mule

Three things Tesla programmers hate

1. Debugging at night

2. Math errors

How many Tesla programmers does it take to change a light bulb?

Nine, until they realize it’s a hardware problem, and call engineering.

On the way home from city meeting Tesla dude and his wife were driving down the interstate. They both see a billboard for a drive thru exotic animal farm, advertising camels. Llamas, goats and a special elephant called Susie. Well, as they were driving along seeing the same billboards, it finally had its effect with his wife.

 She says “let’s go see Susie the elephant.”

Tesla Dude not wanting to disappoint his wife or an opportunity to show off his Tesla to a pachyderm agrees to make the diversionary stop.

Well, as the story goes, just as his wife has the window down, Suzie the elephant sticks her trunk through the opening window to get her a taste of some of the goodies in the car. The wife panics, hits the electric switch close the window. This catches Susie the elephant trunk in a pinch. Although released quickly and without much injury. The perturbed elephant smashes into the door and jumps onto the front quarter panel. As you can imagine the 2 ton elephant created a massive amount of damage.

The park owner comes over to settle down Suzie.

He explains to Tesla Dude “You took the risk when you came into this Park with that new Tesla.”

“We have signs.”  And “you agitated the animal.”

“I’m sorry but there’s no insurance for this type of event.”

 Tesla dude is mad at this point and storms off.

Any Tesla owner will tell you, when you put your foot down, a Tesla can rapidly move the speedometer. Sure enough Tesla Dude starts driving home at a very rapid pace, well exceeding the speed limit.

The next thing you know he gets pulled over by state trooper. Seeing the fresh damage to the car, the state trooper gets suspicious.  He walks up to interrogate Tesla Dude.

 The state patrolman asked if he had been in an accident or if anybody was hurt in the vehicle. The Tesla dude answers “there was no accident; my car was smashed by an elephant.”

 To which the state trooper replied. “Would you mind taking a breathalyzer test?”

Tesla Dude was taking a ride in his new model Y out in the country. He’s driving along, have a good time and suddenly he realizes his way out  of range from a Tesla charging station. He needs to find a 240 V outlet to give him a boost to get back into town.

He pulls over to a local gas station. A couple of country boys come out to see his new Tesla.

“Wow is that a Tesla? asks the first young man.

 “Yes it is.” says Tesla Dude. “Why don’t you get in and take a peek”

The country boy hops in the passenger seat looks around, looks at the console controller and Tesla dud shows him the magic of the screen.

 As he exits the car the boy looks down and sees a golf Tee.

Being from the country he had never seen a golf Tee.

“What’s that? He asked pointing to the Tee as he exited the car.

Tesla Dude answers “that’s where I put my balls when I’m driving.”

 And then he drives off.

The country boy look in amazement as the Model Y silently pulls away, and says “Man, those Tesla engineers think of everything.”

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