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Join Richard Flentge in exploring bold new ideas in energy solutions, Space exploration, and the origins of life on Earth. Together, let's work to improve life on Earth, building a sustainable future for those who live after us. Life planets are very valuable to the Universe.

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As a writer I’m working to answer that question, applying analytical and research skills, and my experience in Electric vehicle technology, Solar arrays and lithium ion battery storage banks. Low cost renewable energy will set us free. Read my blogs, watch microdocumentaries and give feedback. WE CAN DO THIS.

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Every second 100,000 pounds of toxic exhaust is released into Earth's atmosphere. It's not a question of science, its a question of math. When do you think it will all add up? Get real world solutions in this groundbreaking book. concepts that have impacts Just released April 2023 Latest book: Verities of an Electric Mules History, Humor and Futurity of man's struggles adopting the new Sustainable energy economy.

Enjoyable read, insightful, average person can understand Freedom is but a Lithium-Ion battery away. Richard is the former co-host of EVTV: a worldwide webcast and private renewable energy research facility. As a journalist reporting the rise of the electric vehicle, Tesla, and solar technology, he has covered the introduction of new vehicles, Tesla battery technology and solar innovations. On the research side Richard managed an off grid solar array and battery research focused on the innovation of devices, and repurposing of used electric vehicle batteries.

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