The math of the microparticle adds up to death

On any day, people clicking their thumbs on their remotes, scanning the channels for something interesting or entertaining to view an advertisement for the Camp Lejeune lawsuit is most likely going to cross their eyeballs. Every day, representatives speak with families whose loved ones were at Camp Lejeune. Water contamination led to health issues affecting service members and their family. Call now to see if you qualify. Qualify for what? an early ticket to death? Discovery of water pollution at Camp Lejeune in the early 1980s was based on ground contamination of the camp’s water system, which served housing units outside of the Marine Corps base. Its water treatment plant experienced exposure to certain organic chemicals, resulting in harmful effects in humans including cancer. The Camp Lejeune water problem refers to a concentration of contaminants from various petroleum products that infiltrate the natural environment and ended up in the water supply consumed by humans. The key to understanding this analogy is that it is a condensed form of pollution. Air pollution from burning fuels is an uncondensed form of pollution. Microparticles are floating in all of our air, emitted from the burning of fossil fuels, primarily coal plants and automobile exhaust.

On January 9th, 2014, 10,000 gallons of a poisonous, long-lasting contaminant leaked into the Elk River, located 1 1/2 miles away from a fresh water intake for the residents of West Virginia. People started showing up in the emergency rooms with symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and others soon after. By 6:00 PM that day, authorities issued a warning to not use the water. Here too is another example of concentrated pollution. The key take away from these two nightmare pollution scenarios “concentrated and quick” the way pollution is today it’s not so concentrated, dispersed and slow. Instead of the people getting a warning the same day of the water contamination, they might not get their warning for decades, but the outcome is still the same “human poison”. Life killing chemicals are coming from air and slowly entering back to earth ground water, “unnoticed”. One of the most vital resources to life is clean water. If there’s two things you want to place as a priority on your life, drinking clean water and breathing clean air would be at the top of the list.

Climate Change is about math

Climate change factors are exhaust pipes and math. Every second, millions of exhaust pipes are operating. According to a conservative estimate, 100 million cubic feet of noxious fuel waste per second is going into the thin atmosphere, 24/7/365.

Within this mass of exhaust, heated micro particulates rise rapidly into the atmosphere, creating the nucleus for a raindrop. It’s the unnatural accumulation of microparticles that create uneven distribution of rain, evidenced by flash floods seen around the world. The second part of this disaster component is that the uneven distribution of rain creates planetary dry spots, subject to wildfires. Micro-particulates are unhealthy, especially for children, giving rise to acute asthma and bronchitis. The honest observer can see this, others can’t.

Coal plant exhaust contains small amounts of mercury and other toxins. Micro toxins enter living tissue at the cellular level through breathing and absorption. If not breathed in, the micro toxins will fall to the earth and enter smaller life forms or flow into the water supply. Ask Tony Robbins, life coach and entrepreneur, about his experience, he nearly died from mercury poisoning in 2017 from eating too many fish. As more is consumed, mercury accumulates in life forms and stays trapped. Studies link mercury to brain disease. Mercury accumulation becomes a subject of math, not science.

Coal plants emit about 50 tons of mercury per year and keep adding to that number. Concerned planet humans are trying to stop this ongoing addition. Climate Change is simple. It’s the math of what’s burning.

Both denialists and extremists have distorted the climate change issue. Let’s give them both their due. Earth humans are probably not going to self-exterminate in the next decade. When? Who knows for sure? In 50 years? 300 years? Does that make anyone feel better? However, if we continue to accumulate micro-toxins in our air and water, world leaders know for a fact, with the trajectory of toxins a high level of probability event becomes predictable. What event? Mass toxin contamination accumulation affecting a large population area. Life dies and humans suffer. It’s already happened with the adding of “lead” to products; people didn’t see the outcome in their lifetime, their children did. 

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