In a world of Zealots, Husk Power Systems gives hope.

The first volley of the day, Windmills bad, the ENTIRE coast of the United States, is in danger. Terrifying News about all sorts of windmill impacts on anything that floats, flies or makes babies. An alarmist article du jour, I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked, raise the alarm. Nope, just another day percolating the renewable energy battles. Do you think the human civilization is facing self-extinction from windmills? It is a contrived zealot argument, got to be a problem somewhere nonsense, but they’re out there somewhere.(the zealots not the problems). The struggle is real for renewable energy and the denial is real. Einstien said “there are only 2 things that could be infinite. The Universe and human stupidity, and I’m not so sure about the universe.” The response of Albert E. Neuman of Mad magazine seems fitting. What? Me worry? 

Nowhere in the big blue ocean covering 71 percent of the planet, there’s not enough room for renewable energy solutions that will last forever such as the offshore based windmill power generator. BUT an oil tanker, there’s PLENTY of room. Quit being so damn polite. A New Jersey politician had to meet with “experts” from the government to discuss the concerns of offshore wind development. They devoted a third of the meeting just to military effects. Apparently, any object in the ocean is detectible by a marine radar. That would mean the towers would create some sort of radar response or shadowing. Of course, these structures would be permanent and easily identifiable in a fixed position, but that fact no longer matters. What matters to the zealots is to present an argument that denies and delays the transfer of the fossil fuel industry to renewable energy sources. Zealots will make up any argument they can to achieve this aim. And what do we achieve when we stop renewable energy? Dependence on a dwindling resource guarantees future generations will suffer.

“There’s going to be nothing but disruption,” claims the zealot. “Radar will no longer be credible that would mean ships could potentially run into other ships or even the windmills themselves.” Quoted the New Jersey politician paying $23 to cross a bridge into New York City. My forhead wrinkled, concerned, an educated representative of our government would believe that a modern warfare ship could not see a stationary pillar in a known fixed position or would pay $23 to cross a bridge the people paid for. Are you kidding me? In the typical bureaucratic fashion, he asked for more time to further study these impacts so the entire project can be Woody-fied, delayed to Infinity and beyond.

Quickly, I moved on to my next article for my edification, a podcast for my dear friend Tom Raftery and his European Climate Confident podcast. His podcast’s guest today was William Brent, the chief marketing officer of Husk Power Systems out of India. Young Mr. Brent did an outstanding job of communicating for his company. He told quite an interesting story. He took the foul taste right out of my mouth. I had the warm fuzzies, he moved me. Golly, there is hope in Husk and its mission of bringing electrical power to those without.

Husk power systems link

As you sit here and read this 1/10 of the world lives with no electricity. Husk is working to solve that. The featured photo in this blog is from New life Orphans Kampala, Uganda. Thats what children look like who have no electricity in their school

Originated in an India substate Behar of 100 million people, in which 65 million of them didn’t have access to electricity. This company started by converting rice husk and biomass to generate electricity. Husk later advanced to solar battery hubs for microgrids. And they’re doing that with a very innovative strategy of solving the complete problem. The Husk utility model of micro-grids renewable energy system of the solar panels and battery is a solution that is going to serve these communities long term and not affect the climate. It offers energy to regions with energy poverty that can establish an economic core for these regions. It will also replace some of the more potentially dangerous and polluting devices in these communities such as diesel generators and kerosene lamps. Husk is the company working to save planet earth and I would give them my full support wherever possible. Below is the podcast in full and I suggest you take a lesson the company representative says it better than I could in this writing. 

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  1. Thanks for writing up this episode of the podcast Richard. I love Husk’s holistic approach to improving the whole ecosystem they’re selling into. It is a real win-win.

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