I’m a SPAN fan

This just in: SPAN which was founded by a former Tesla Head of Energy Arch Rao has breakthrough energy   management technology. SPAN’s smart electrical panel is one of my new favorite technologies that is currently available.
It is a cornerstone of the future renewable energy solutions. Being able to control current flow on
the micro level is key to controlling energy consumption.

It replaces existing breaker boxes and can be either retrofitted to any home or installed in a new home build – and it adds next level capability when paired with a solar and battery system. 
It gets data via current sensors and its artificial intelligence features utilizes data from users energy usage and historical use. The energy data they provide users at the circuit-level is unparalleled. 
It has internal relays and makes switches via a high powered onboard computer in the panel with a full communications gateway.
SPAN Panel has the ability to isolate from the grid without manual switching
can prioritize circuits and transfer to multiple power sources and loads.
The microprocessor can switch solar to pass through to a specific circuit. It has no bidirectional technology yet but given their capabilities in EV charging and load management, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

SPAN has core data graphics and control compatible with smart phones or tablets. It can tell you things such as, your car was entirely charged on sunshine, your entirely disconnected from the grid or if you left the pool pump on all night and it used too many kilowatts. The key factor is it optimizes home battery storage to extend battery life during off grid usage.

SPAN makes a sexy gorgeous product that can switch based on history and prioritize selections of entire circuits, on and off the grid, and on and off the solar panels. When SPAN Panel is adapted to “the future” larger   neighborhood micro grid the effects of its technology will be multiplied with both its ability to use existing grid      infrastructure more efficiently and its Virtual Power Plant capabilities since it’s the smart power route where all   electrical loads meet.
One key to all this is isolating the off grid which means you can have a system that can shut off
the grid and not transfer electricity back into the grid. Or have your solar panels charge your car,
and drive on sunshine. Super cool to see the future here and I’m a SPAN fan because it’s a key component of a smart house.

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